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What is a Domain Name & Why Do I Need One

A domain name is a company's unique identifier on the Internet. Internet computers know how to transmit information with Internet protocol (IP) numbers. However IP numbers are rather long and do not make sense to individuals surfing the Web. Domain name service (DNS) that Internet providers offer invisibly turn these long and difficult to remember IP numbers into easy to remember, brandable domain names. This same unique domain name can be used with a company's Web address and their email addresses.

The format for a Web address is usually www.yoursitename.com while an email address is generally myname@yoursitename.com.

The portion of a domain name that is to the left of the dot is called the second level name. The word "company" in company.com is the second level domain. Top level domain (TLD) is the portion of a domain name that is to the right of the dot. In this example, ".com" is the TLD.

Current TLD's include:

  • .COM - historically was for "for profit" entities - currently available to all
  • .NET - historically for network service providers - available to all
  • .ORG - historically for nonprofit entities - currently available to all
  • .INFO - "information" - currently available to all
  • .BIZ - "business" - currently available to all
  • .GOV - for government institutions
  • .MIL - for military institutions
  • .EDU - for educational institutions
  • .MU - for Mauritian site

    Domain search restrictions

    The following rules apply to all .COM, .NET and .ORG domain name registrations:

  • domains can be 67 characters, including the 4 characters in the top level extension: .COM, .NET or .ORG
  • domains cannot contain spaces
  • you can use numbers, letters and hyphens or dashes
  • you cannot start or end a domain name with a hyphen or dash
  • domains are not case sensitive
  • special characters, like the underscore "_", the exclamation mark "!" or the "@" sign, are not permitted as part of your domain name.

    Domain Name Registration Pricing

    Domain name registration is now offered by COMPNet for 2, and 5 year terms. You choose the domain name and the term and pay only the corresponding rate for your new names.

    COMPNet now offers reduced rates for 5 year domain registration terms. If you plan on keeping your domain for the foreseeable future we suggest that you take advantage of our 5 year term savings.

    You can now register your domain name for a 5 year term for only Rs1360/yr (more than 15% savings off our regular price). [i.e. .com,.biz, .net &.ws]

    Registration Term Price
    per year
    (2 years)
    (5 years)
    (.mu) Domain Name Rs3,750 Rs7,500 Rs11,250
    For (.com, .net, .org, .biz)
    Domain Name
    Rs1,600 Rs3,000 Rs6,800
    NB: Rates above not includes 15% VAT.
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